Updates In Windows 10 – Should You Enable Them?

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20 Jan 21

Updates In Windows 10 – Should You Enable Them?

Updates often bother Microsoft users. In 2019, the main competitor of Apple has decided to step away from the obligatory updates for its users. What are the main reasons for this decision, and is it worth implementing updates anyway?

Microsoft’s operational model couldn’t be any more different than Apple’s. When Steve Jobs’ company allows its MacOS system to work only on the devices produced by it, Microsoft offers a solution that works on various ones. Basically, the PC from all the producers aside from Apple can run Windows. This kind of business approach turned out to be successful for Microsoft, providing it a predominance on the global market. However, it also generates challenges. Making the system run smoothly on various devices is not as easy as providing the same for one. The level of quality control is lower, which can result in clients’ dissatisfaction.

Why do the problems with Windows updates occur?

The cons of the open approach of Windows for various kinds of software and equipment are easiest to notice with its updates. It’s one of Microsoft’s weakest points – and it’s easy to understand why. With such variety that the modern market offers, Microsoft’s devs are left with a hard nut to crack. As a result, many updates in the past have led to problems among a significant part of users. They were reporting system instability and other major and minor problems that made working with Microsoft difficult.

Was Microsoft’s decision correct?

Before 2019, Windows 10, just as the previous systems, used to enforce the updates. The user had simply no choice rather than to install the new set of system improvements which, in some cases, would rather make life harder. The updates were fully automatized. With the new Windows 10 version, the users can decide whether to agree to an update or not. They can reschedule it according to their needs or avoid them completely.

To update or not to update?

The implementation of updates doesn’t happen without a reason. They are usually implemented to correct some bugs and errors in the system. Some of them can make it more secure and sealed, avoiding data leakage and protecting the users from phishing attacks, not to mention malware. That’s why, if you don’t have a particular reason to skip the update, it is worth enabling it, even though Microsoft lets you choose.

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