‘Challenge Anneka’ Returns After 15 Years, On Channel 5

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23 May 22

‘Challenge Anneka’ Returns After 15 Years, On Channel 5

Channel 5 has ordered a four-episode series of Challenge Anneka 15 years after the format last aired on UK television.

Coming later this year to Channel 5, one of Britain’s best-loved TV formats ‘Challenge Anneka’ is back. This 4×60’ reboot, produced by Twofour and Krempelwood, promises to be everything we all loved about the original series.

For the younger readers amongst you, ‘Challenge Anneka’ starred Anneka Rice who was challenged to complete a task, usually helping deserving people or communities, over the course of a few days. Tasks ranged from things like building community gardens or children’s play areas to recording a charity album, all whilst trying to get local businesses to donate their time and resources for free. The other prominent fixture of the team was Dave the Soundman (pictured with Anneka above), who was technically there to record the audio, but often got pulled on camera to help out.

Throughout this brand new series, Anneka and her team of volunteers will be tackling some epic new challenges, responding to the new set of problems that people are facing. The series will shine the light on everyday heroes and deserving communities at a time when they’ve never needed help more. Across the series the team will meet a wide range of inspirational people who will help Anneka move heaven and earth to achieve these challenges.

“I can’t believe this is actually happening,” said Anneka. “The last few years have shown us all the power of community and how it’s good to be part of something bigger than ourselves. Dave the Soundman and I may have 130 years between us but the whole team is as motivated as ever to make a difference and shine a spotlight on people and organisations who need help. 3 decades on, the issues may look different but at their core they are the same; they’re about people and communities. And we may look a bit different too but our hearts and willingness to get stuck in are the same.”

True to form we’ll see Anneka pulling up at secret locations to meet the individuals at the heart of the challenge and be briefed on the task at hand. With a mountain to climb, her trusty mobile, buggy, lorry and Dave the Soundman in tow – Anneka will be calling in big favours from big brands, big names and big groups of volunteers all keen to lend a hand.

30 years on from the original series the challenges of course will be new and reflect Britain in 2022, but at its heart, the series will still be about incredible people who really want to make a difference to the world they live in.

“I’m delighted to see the return of this series and also welcoming Anneka to Channel 5,” adds Guy Davies, Commissioning Editor VP Non Scripted UK Originals Channel 5/Paramount+. “There’s never been a better time to bring back such a loved series to our screens. The challenges promise to be timely, relevant and packed full of passionate and heart-warming people.”

The show originally aired from 1989 to 1995 for seven seasons on BBC One. ITV revived the format for two specials which aired in 2006 and 2007.

‘Challenge Anneka’ is executive produced by Anneka Rice and Dan Adamson at Twofour. The Executive Producers at Krempelwood are Mark Wood and Blair Krempel. The series is commissioned for Channel 5 by Guy Davies – Commissioning Editor VP Non scripted Channel 5/ Paramount+. Twofour is part of ITV Studios.

“We are delighted to be partnering with Anneka and Channel 5 to bring back one of the great TV formats – exactly at a time when we need her most,” said Dan Adamson, Managing Director at Twofour.

We don’t yet have a premiere date for ‘Challenge Anneka‘, but the new series will air on Channel 5 in the UK. If you want to keep track of this or any other show, you can add them via our Never Miss system, and you’ll be notified when it gets a UK premiere date.