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Tomb Raider Review – Alicia Becomes The Angelina For 2018

Tomb Raider Review – Alicia Becomes The Angelina For 2018
Angelina is back. Sorry, I mean Lara Croft is back! Alicia Vikander steps bravely into the […]

Killing Gunther Review – The Modern Family Approach To The Hitman Genre

Killing Gunther Review – The Modern Family approach to the Hitman genre; strangely appealing yet equally dissatisfying.
I love Cobie Smulders, of ‘How I Met Your […]

Coco Review – Pixar Still At The Top Of Their Game

It’s not often the lights go up in a cinema and everyone around me is crying. ‘Coco’ didn’t seem like a ‘Notebook’ or ‘Titanic’ formulaic […]

Review: Early Man – Fun-Filled Family Movie With A Few Frustrations

A journey of 5 years, in over 40 studios and involving over 45 animators has resulted in Aardman’s 7th feature film following on from the […]

Molly’s Game Review – High Stakes For Your Concentration & Focus.

As a teenager in 1999 when Sorkin’s ‘The West Wing’ was sweeping the awards ceremonies, getting amazing reviews and setting the standard for political drama, […]

The Greatest Showman Review – A Musical Extravaganza!

If you were to tell me that, in 2017, we were about to go and see a film that was first announced in 2009 I […]

The Big Sick Review

‘The Big Sick’ Review – A Hilarious & Sweet, Cross-Cultural Comedy

The Big Sick Review
It’s the age-old story. Boy meets girl, they’re from different backgrounds but fall in love, girl falls into a coma… What makes […]

Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders Review

Holy cartoon reviews Batman! There’s a new Batman ’66 animated feature called Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders out now on DVD and Blu-ray, and it’s totally […]

Straight Outta Compton – Director’s Cut Review

As I’m sure many of you already know, Straight Outta Compton tells the story of the rise and fall of US rap group N.W.A., showing […]

The Most Romantic Proposals in Movie History

Life isn’t like the movies, and sometimes that can only be a good thing. So far, touch wood, we haven’t seen our world taken over […]

The Goonies - 30th Anniversary Blu-ray

The Goonies – 30th Anniversary Blu-ray Review

It’s not everyday a movie comes out that go on to be considered ‘classic’, but THE GOONIES is one of those films. A perfectly constructed […]

Breaking down the Star Wars : The Force Awakens Trailer 3

Having taken a bit of time to recover from the epic Star Wars Trailer release, lets take a closer look at it shot-by-shot and see […]

Review of Awol-72

Luke Goss is Conrad Miller, a marine who’s gone AWOL with an important piece of government intel. RZA is the LAPD detective on his trail […]

The Messenger

The Messenger Film Review

The Messenger is Jack (Robert Sheehan), a troubled man who sees ghosts, ghosts that come to him with their unfinished business. When the late Mark […]

Julia film review

Julia Film Review

Julia, an entry in the much maligned rape-revenge horror subgenre, sees the eponymous nurse (Ashley C. Williams) seeking out a therapist who promises not only […]