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Primeval Extinct!

by Dave Elliott

ITV Cancel Primeval

The asteroid ‘ITV financal woes’ has been hurtling toward the planet ‘tv scheduling’ for a while now, and it looks like ITV1’s scifi show Primeval was stood at the centre of the impact crater…

ITV, seem to be doing what they usually do (i.e. make bizarre and generally wrong decisions), and have cancelled Saturday night’s dinofest Primeval starring ex-S Clubber Hannah Spearritt. It’s a rather odd choice seen as the show has generally been received well by both critics and fans, and was pulling in around 5 million viewers which i’d call pretty respectable.

ITV have decided that ‘the public’ don’t want good scripted tv shows pre-watershed… “High quality drama remains a key part of the ITV schedule, although our current focus is on post-watershed production,” ITV said in a statement

Of course they could have just moved the show back to post watershed, and have Miss. Spearritt walk around in her pants a lot more, like they had her do in series 1. ;) :D

All is not necessarily totally doomed for Primeval. It is possible another channel (Sky maybe?) could pick up the series, and only last month Variety reported Warner Bros had bought the movie rights, so i’d be surprised if it’s the last we see of the dino drama!

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