3rd Annual GeekTown Awards : Best TV Dramedy

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08 Jan 15

The next category to be revealed is Best Dramedy TV Show. These are those shows that are a solid mix of drama and comedy. The nominees were: Elementary, Castle, Orange Is the New Black, Sherlock, Suits, Bones, and Girls. There was a heavy battle for the Bronze medal position, but Silver & Gold really was a 2 horse race…

Bronze : Suits (Dave)

Narrowly beating Elementary, Castle and Bones by a hair’s width, Suits swipes the Bronze position. The show follows Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams), a young guy with an eidetic memory who ends up blagging his way into a job as a lawyer after stumbling into the office of hot shot attorney Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht). Currently airing on Dave in the UK, Suits returns for Season 4 on the 15th January 2015 at 10pm.

Silver : Orange Is The New Black

Returning for a 2nd season last year, and due back in June 2015, Orange Is The New Black tells the continuing story of Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling) and her life ‘inside’ after getting locked up for an historic drugs offence.

Gold : Sherlock

Some what predictably, Sherlock takes the Gold. Gatiss & Moffat’s reinvention of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle classic detective has won critical acclaim and made huge stars of both it’s lead actors… Which does make it somewhat hard to get everyone back together to make more… However, they are currently filming a Christmas Special for 2015, and 3 new episodes to air in Jan 2016.