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UK Indie Comic Interview 04 : Thomas Coulter – Blood Tear

by Dave Elliott
Thomas Coulter - Blood Tear

Thomas Coulter – Blood Tear

Thomas Coulter

Thomas Coulter

With the next Birmingham Comic Con due to arrive next month, I thought it was about time I posted the rest of the Indie Comic interviews I did at the end of last year!

We’ll kick them back off with Thomas Coulter, talking about his book Blood Tear, where he started off by explaining what the comic was about…

TC: Blood Tear is about a young man, living in Liverpool, little down on his luck, and accidentally inherits the role of the Grim Reaper! Not sure of what his powers and abilities are, he actually becomes a superhero!

GT: Okay! Does he get any help of guidance in this?

TC: Slightly yes… Not willingly, but he does get some, but little does he know, he’s actually being hunted down by the man who was supposed to become the Grim Reaper. So he’s not only trying to be a noob superhero, but also being headhunted at the same time!

GT: Awesome! It’s a very nice looking book. You’re the writer and the artist… and it’s in full colour. That’s a heck of a lot of work!

TC: It’s a LOT of work, yeh! It’s slow but it’s a labour of love!

GT: What got you into drawing comics?

TC: Mainly reading them growing up, and wanting to really be part of the whole comic universe. Reading other things, and seeing stories, and thinking ‘aww, why did they do it like that, I’d have done it my own way…’ So decided to do it my own way!

GT: How do you find the process of getting you comic books done, printed and getting to shows?

TC: It’s a bit difficult and time consuming, but I think if you’ve got the right passion for it, and the right ‘know how’….and the right people pushing you (pointing at his girlfriend, who’s with him on the stand.)

GT: So what are you doing next? Another issue of Blood Tear?

I’ve got plenty of new issues coming up! It’s going to be a long running series. I may try out a few smaller projects, but Blood Tear is my main thing.

You can find our more about Thomas Coulter & Blood Tear on his Facebook page here.

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