Purchase Smart: Buying a Smart TV

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23 Jan 17
Purchase Smart: Buying a Smart TV

Purchase Smart: Buying a Smart TV

There are lots of different types of TV’s out there these days, picking a new one can get very confusing. Rather than recommend a specific tv, we thought it might be helpful to make some general guidance notes on the sort of things to look out for.

What Is A Smart TV?

A smart TV is composed of several features that distinguish it from “traditional” television. Offering apps and functionalities parallel to those of a computer, smart TVs require a CPU to function correctly and to support its streaming services, online browsing, and many apps. This integral part – that allows for smart TVs to be smart – is the main component of the technology.

With built-in connectivity, smart TVs are also known as hybrid or connected TV, it incorporates interactive features that allow for user contribution on websites. Offering several internet connected services, smart TVs certainly aren’t unaffordable; graded TVs have allowed for TV enthusiasts to purchase a high-quality smart TV with all of the basic functions and apps.

Social Media Apps

Functioning similar to a smartphone, smart TVs contain several social media apps that allow for users to be increasingly more connected to friends and family. As social media platforms gain a bigger importance in the modern, connected world, apps such as Facebook, Twitter, and Skype are allowing for users to access these platforms when watching TV. Posting updates or simply communicate with friends after viewing TV, social media apps are innovating the way people connect.

With high-quality imagery, social media apps appear on screen with high-definition. Bringing users closer to loved ones, apps such as Skype can be limited in smartphones and laptops; through a smart TV, the wider screens allow for users to feel closer to their loved ones.

Internet Connectivity and Gaming

Bypassing the second screen technology – in which viewers utilise their phones or tablets to access the internet while watching TV – smart TVs comprise all of these functions in themselves. Smart TVs allow users to access the internet and install a multitude of apps that provide additional services. Gaming apps have become more popular, streamlining the way in which gamers enjoy their experience.

Smart TVs are investing in their appeal to a broad selection of viewers, from technology lovers to gaming fans, constantly improving the image quality that allows for lifelike programme watching and immersive gaming. Technology such as high dynamic range, or HDR, allows for an increase of pixels on the display, giving images structural layers that mean gamers don’t miss anything with the added depth.

Streaming and On-Demand Services

With services such as the BBC iPlayer, smart TVs allow for users to access the internet and effortlessly stream programmes that have previously aired. With the astonishing picture colour smart TVs are able to provide, watching favourite shows and films with vibrant colours is possible at any time. These catch-up services transform the way viewers watch television, as TV broadcasters make their content available online.

Netflix, for example, is catering to television viewers’ needs and providing 4K streaming services of high-quality programmes. In a similar way, Amazon is also providing exclusive content to users that stands out and wins awards. The digital world of smart TVs is permitting the advancement of video streaming services in the market, with affordable subscriptions that don’t require users to watch their programmes live. With the chance of pausing videos at viewer’s convenience and a ‘watch together’ function, these services are propelling the modern world need for connectivity.

With the rise of interconnected devices and amore social world increasingly interested in the development of technology, smart TVs are adapting to modern needs through a growing change in interfaces. The futuristic smart TV already has a fantastic future ahead, shaping up to become the central aspect of the house, continuously moving towards the Sci-Fi staple with voice commands and simplified use; something any film lover, sports enthusiast or gamer would surely love to make part of their home-cinema set up.

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