London Film & Comic Con Roundup – July 2017

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03 Aug 17

Hey guys! Hope it’s sunny where you are because it wasn’t for us over the weekend… not that we minded being inside all day having lots of fun at London Film and Comic Con.

LFCC is probably now the second largest Comic Con of the year for London, as it seems to get bigger every time. Far from being one room you could get round in a half hour it’s now both main halls and the upstairs at Olympia and you can spend a half hour trying to find someone instead.

With LFCC growing so fast it did have some real teething problems a few years back but many of those seem to be ironed out with people traffic flowing better and lots of space and wide isles to avoid too many long bottlenecks, even on Saturday. Unless you were queuing for signatures of course… but with a guest list including so many A-listers like Benedict Cumberbatch, Christopher Lloyd, John Cleese, Pamela Anderson and Dean Cane – it’s unsurprising that seriously long lines would build up.

Overall, despite a lack of ropes or floor markings, queues seemed reasonably orderly although they did over-spill a little and make a bit of a conga line around parts of the venue at times, they did have lots of staff on hand to try to keep things moving. But unlike the main downstairs halls the ceilings are only standard height where the queues for guests are, so if you are wanting to wear that full armour with fur cape cosplay you’ve been making for the last 4 months… remember to install fans in it!

London Film and Comic Con is less anime heavy than MCM Comic Con and less cosplay focused than London Super Comic Con and has a lot of film and TV star guests and related memorabilia as it’s main attraction – they pull in big name guests from all across the world and in high volumes too, with gold packages for autographs and signed photos with the biggest stars costing a small fortune.

But photo-ops and signatures were not the only reason to attend. As well the big name actors and celebs upstairs the rest of the venue had a mix of stalls with every geeky item imaginable – from plush toys and figurines from movies, comics, games and Disney to original art, comics, clothing and gaming items – you could even get a full colour 3D print of yourself! There’s a mix of big name brands and independent stores with handmade items, so some real gems and one of a kind pieces to be had if you know where to look – It would have been nice to have seen more independents but with this event on the same weekend as MCM Manchester; any more northern based companies, especially the sole traders and artists, would have chosen to go to that one with it’s larger dedicated bigger indie comic and artists sections. We’ve heard since the event though that LFCC plan to improve and expand their indie publisher and artists section next year which would be great.

As well as all the stalls there was also had a small retro game and VR section, green screen movie set photos, an awesome temporary tattoos and special FX makeup booth, the batmobile, delorian and a big bang theory set. They also had a load of Daleks and a Tardis which you could pose with and an action figure box to stand in, all with collection boxes for charities. Plus there were some great pro cosplay stars near the main stage as well, who were available for chats and selfies when they weren’t judging the cosplay contests or giving talks and even just seeing their work up close and how they were all put together was a real treat. Whether you go to autograph hunt, socialise, cosplay or shop there really is something for everyone.

When it comes to food you have the choices of just the few things inside Olympia which are fine, if a bit pricey, but you can just bring your own food in and picnic. But be aware picnic means picnic inside… there isn’t any outside like Excel has and there isn’t the big seating area they have either. At Olympia the seating is very minimal. You do often end up sat on the floor or steps to eat which is fine for many, but isn’t good for those with disabilities or young kids. There was one guy with a foldup camping chair which seemed like a good plan!

One thing that is great about Comic Cons is how friendly many people are. You are in a hall with a few thousand people you have at least ten things in common with and striking up conversations is pretty easy if you are brave enough to just walk up to people and have a chat.

LFCC is held once a year and you can keep up to date with their guest stars and ticket details for the events over on their website