‘Suits’ Season 7 Finale Will Be Backdoor Pilot For Gina Torres Spin-Off

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16 Aug 17
'Suits' Season 7 Finale Will Be Back Door Pilot For Gina Torres Spin-Off

‘Suits’ Season 7 Finale Will Be Back Door Pilot For Gina Torres Spin-Off

The finale of ‘Suits’ Season 7 will serve as a backdoor pilot for the potential spin-off series starring Gina Torres as Jessica Pearson, USA Network has announced.

As we mentioned back in February, USA Network has been working on the idea of developing of spinning Jessica off into her own show ever since Torres decided to leave ‘Suits’ as she needed to spend more time in L.A. for personal reasons. She had commented that, if Suits were shot in L.A., she’d be on it forever. Whilst it’s obviously not practical to move the entire production from its base in NYC, a spin-off show could be a possibility. It was actually Torres herself who pitched the idea of the spin-off to Universal Cable Productions and showrunner Aaron Korsh.

In the mid-season finale of season 6, we saw Jessica leave Person Spector Litt for a new start with her on/off boyfriend Jeff Malone (played by fellow Whedon alumnus D.B. Woodside.) This new series would move away from the law firm setup, as Jessica is forced into the backstabbing world of Chicago politics. There she must use her years of legal knowledge to navigate her way through this new and uncharted territory.

“Jessica is going to get in a tangle and a tussle with some Chicago politics players,” commented ‘Suits’ creator Aaron Korsh. “They will be of different levels, from the Mayor on down, and maybe not all will be directly involved in politics, we may have a real estate developer or someone of that type, and some power brokers within the city and maybe further a little down the rung in that world. As we go through the spinoff episode, at the end hopefully you’ll have a great idea of what her future is moving forward and who’s a potential ally and who’s a potential enemy in her world.”

“I didn’t want it to be Suits 2,” added Torres. “I wanted it to be own entity, and so moving it away from a glossy attorney show, I wanted it to be darker, a little more reality-based, a little grittier and to reflect what it is that we are going through in the country.”

Casting has started as they look for 3 new characters for the finale, who would then potentially join Torres on the spin-off show. Details have yet to be released as to who those characters are as the pilot script has yet to be finished. Also no word on whether D.B. Woodside would return as Jeff in a regular role, as he is also working now as a series regular on ‘Lucifer’. However, both shows would be shot in L.A., so it’s entirely possible something could be worked out.

“The challenge of the spinoff is to make it work both as a fresh new episode that launches a series and to make it work as an episode of ‘Suits’,” Korsh remarked. “So we try to create a situation where Harvey is torn between two worlds, between helping Jessica with the problem she has in Chicago and his own law firm he’s inherited from her, and he’s got to choose between helping Jesica and helping his own firm. So the idea is, Harvey would go to Jessica’s aid, battling against political forces in Chicago, and the people on Suits would all step up and try and help Harvey with the situation he is in back home. We will be bouncing back and forth between Chicago and New York.”

Suits‘ Season 7 is currently airing on Netflix in the UK.