Brand New Indie Steam Games For 2018 We Tried At PC Gamer Weekender!

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07 Apr 18

A few weeks ago, we got to play a load of brand new indie steam games at PC Gamer weekender. So many in fact, that we’ve split them into two different videos for you! So if you want to find out about a clever running platformer that generates the level as you play, a fun multi-character dungeon crawler, a Victorian comedy stealth ’em up, a crazy racing game with homing melons or you’d like to date cats (yes you heard that right)… these videos are the list of new 2018 Steam games for you!

Nippon Marathon & Razed by PQube

Nippon Marathon is a something of a Mario Kart meets Micro Machines but with running kind of game but with mini-games and word association and well, it’s a hard game to describe for sure. There’s more than just a pinch of humour in the mix with this multiplayer party race game!

Razed is a fast-paced player platform game where you must race to the end of each level in the quickest time possible. Your player is strapped into a pair of power shoes that allow you to move at super-speed, jumps vast distances and drift, but these features come at a price – if you stop moving the shoes run out of power and explode!


SureFooting by Tableflip Games

SureFooting looks like any constant running platformer until you play it more than once. The game learns as it goes generating the levels procedurally based on your gameplay to try to outwit you and keep the game at the difficulty level set. You can’t memorise the levels in this one – it keeps you on your toes constantly and is both fun and challenging.


Murderous Pursuits by Blazing Griffin

Murderous Pursuits is a beautiful game full of detail and well thought out graphics with a fun and unique concept to match. It’s a Victoriana inspired multiplayer stealth-em-up set on a steampunk zeppelin where it’s kill or be killed – but with a humorous twist. Check out the player’s reactions behind us in the video to see what they made of it at the event!


Purrfect Date

Purrfect Date is an unusual game where you solve mysteries and date cats. You are on an island of cats where Dr Dolittle style you can talk to them to find out information to solve the mysteries of the island. Oh and take them out on dates too because why not! A largely text story-based adventure with a sense of humour and lovingly hand-drawn graphics this one is one for the cat lover in your life!


Metamorph by Firefly Studios

Metamorph is a fun dungeon crawler where you can play with a swappable team of characters combining their skillset to smash, crash, burn or speedrun your way through the levels.


Robothorium – Goblinz Studio

Robothorium; A turn-based RPG where you lead a robot revolution against their human oppressors! Explore your way through a futuristic metropolis and decide if you want to raise a pacifist revolution or go full Skynet on the planet!


Empires Apart – SlitherineGames

Empires Apart is a classic style RTS very much in the vein of Empire Earth and other strategy war sims! Made by a small team to emulate the games they miss playing from when they were younger it’s all about recapturing that classic real-time gameplay but using updated graphics and interfaces.


Cobalt WASD – Oxeye Games

Cobalt WASD is a multiplayer platform shooter takes futuristic shoot-em-up online combat to the next level of fun! The player plays as either a “Metalface” or a “Protobot”. The Metalfaces try to defend the bomb-sites, while the Protobots try to attack and plant a bomb. The Protobots win when they kill all of the Metalfaces or the Metalfaces win then they defuse the bomb.


Warhammer 40,000: Gladius Relics of War – SlitherineGames

Gladius; Based in the world of Warhammer you build up your settlement civilisation style and wage war on neighbouring factions, but be aware each race plays very differently with different priorities and goals.


Warhammer: Vermintide 2 – Fatshark Games

And if that wasn’t enough Warhammer for you we also spoke to the head of the Action Team at FatShark Games responsible for coding the weapons and gore of Vermintide 2! If you like team-based melee combat with monsters this one is worth a look. Plus we did some heavy metal headbanging for good measure 😀