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Why We’d Like to be Friends with Eddie Redmayne

by Jason Smith
Why We'd Like to be Friends with Eddie Redmayne

Why We’d Like to be Friends with Eddie Redmayne

Assuming he’s free, of course.

There are superstars all over Hollywood, but there are really only a select few that seem actually fun to hang out with outside of a movie set. Hugh Jackman, Jennifer Lawrence and Tom Hanks, to name a few, are all regarded as some of the nicest celebs in the biz. But could you picture yourself having a pint and a kebab with any of them on a random Friday night? We can’t either, but maybe, just maybe, we could picture doing that with the interminably buoyant and easy-going Eddie Redmayne.

Naturally, the man is one of the most gifted actors of our generation and is able to adapt from role to role with an effortless skill that not many actors possess. Who wouldn’t want to ask questions to discover his methods for the extraordinary performance as Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything (where he rightfully earned Best Leading Actor at the BAFTAs and Oscars) or Lili Elbe in The Danish Girl? Let’s not forget that he must have some amazing stories from his time spent working as Newt Scamander on Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and the upcoming sequel, as well as his meeting with J.K. Rowling. The man must be a treasure trove of incredible anecdotes. Oh, and he also went to school with Prince William and received an OBE from the Queen – those two examples are worth an entire evening alone.

Redmayne also seems like he can take a joke and make fun of himself. He once humorously apologised to anyone watching one of his movies on an IMAX cinema, as he’s fully aware of how his already-large lips must appear on that screen. Like dozens of 30-40-year-old male actors working today, he’s continually reported as ‘the next James Bond’, but Eddie has confessed that he wants nothing to do with the role and that it wouldn’t suit him, stating: “I definitely will not be playing James Bond. I would hate to see myself play James Bond. I love going to see James Bond and seeing really freaking cool actors that I admire doing great things.”

There’s no doubt that Eddie also looks seriously cool and debonair at all times – as who wants an A-list actor to turn up to your birthday party looking unkempt and drab? Redmayne has discussed his love of dressing well and wearing fancy watches in the past, and considering that Omega named him a brand ambassador, you just know that this is a guy who takes fashion seriously, plus, he probably gets invited to a lot of cool parties (can we get a +1 please?). We feel like it’s solely down to Eddie that so many Seamaster models (his particular preference) have been appearing on online marketplaces of late.

We’ll be honest, though, Eddie isn’t always the most flawless man in the room, as he has messed up from time to time, but that just make him even more human and someone genuinely real. Early Man didn’t exactly blow us away, and his over-the-top performance in Jupiter Ascending actually earned him a nomination for Worst Supporting Actor at the Golden Raspberry Awards. Perhaps more dangerously, he also lied that he could ride a horse to get a gig on the Elizabeth I TV series, but when it actually came time to execute the task, Redmayne said he nearly trampled a load of people on-set when the horse galloped out of control! Yikes. But then again, we’ve all lied on our CV from time to time, so we can forgive him.

Lastly, Eddie Redmayne is simply a man who evidently wears his heart on his sleeve. His love and passion for his work shines through and is evident during every interview and performance (even the bad ones), but the most shining example of this was during his acceptance speech after winning his Oscar in 2015. Eddie was gracious, humble, and utterly in shock after winning, but he kept his cool in the end and gave a beautiful speech that made you love him – if you didn’t already.

So, Eddie, shall we say 5:00 pm next Friday for a drink? Call us back. Please.

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