Channel 4 Sets September Premiere Date For ‘No Offence’ Season 3

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29 Aug 18
Channel 4 Sets September Premiere Date For 'No Offence' Season 3

Channel 4 Sets September Premiere Date For ‘No Offence’ Season 3

Paul Abbott‘s brilliant award-winning police drama No Offence returns for its 3rd Season in September the broadcaster has announced.

The new season kicks of as, Cinderly, an inner-city area of Manchester, is a tinderbox ready to ignite following race riots kicked off by an arson attack on a mosque. Fuelling the chaos in the community is leader of the extreme Far Right group Albion, Dennis Caddy (Neil Maskell – ‘Utopia’, ‘Humans’, ‘The Mimic’), his outspoken girlfriend Bonnie (Tamara Lawrance – ‘Cordelia’, Ian McKellen’s King Lear CFT; Viola – Twelfth Night RNT) and his mouthy sister Faye (BAFTA Scotland-winning Sharon Rooney – ‘My Mad Fat Diary’, ‘Two Doors Down’, ‘Brief Encounters’).

The febrile atmosphere in Cinderly ignites as the mayoral candidate anti-establishment, local girl-done-good politician Caroline McCoy (Lisa McGrillis – ‘Inspector George Gently’, ‘Mum’, ‘Hebburn’) goes head to head for the high-stakes electoral ward, with woolly liberal Mayor Karim Hassan (Ace Bhatti – ‘Love’, ‘Lies And Records’, ‘EastEnders’). In their midst is the master puppeteer, mercenary Far Right fanatic Ralph Beckett (Darren Connolly – ‘Moorside’, ‘Peaky Blinders’), forcing Viv and the team to fight toe to toe as he wages his war on both the cops and culturally-vulnerable targets – with devastating consequences.

“Series 3 is about the void left by political parties, clusters of ignorance streamlined into soldier ants,” says Paul Abbott. “Whether it’s a real or perceived void doesn’t matter. Predators will always exploit a weakness. Viv Deering really earns her wages in making her voice heard to diverse cultural factions.”

The trio of Deering (Joanna Scanlan), the impulsive DC Dinah Kowalska (Elaine Cassidy) and astute DS Joy Freers (Alexandra Roach) all return for this 3rd outing. At their sides in the crumbling Friday Street cop-shop are moral compass DC Spike Tanner (Will Mellor), genius Miller (Paul Ritter), big-hearted Jonah (Ste Johnston), switched on Stuart (Tom Varey), force of nature Tegan (Saira Choudhry) and gentle office manager Gavin (Conor MacNeill).

The team find themselves under the new management of sharp Superintendent Marilyn Merchant (BAFTA-nominated Claire Rushbrook – ‘My Mad Fat Diary’, ‘Home Fires’, ‘Whitechapel’). They’re having to play smarter than ever to keep the lid on a city at fragile breaking point.

No Offence‘ Season 3 premieres Thursday, 13th September at 9pm on Channel 4.