First Image Lands For ‘Lucifer’ Season 4

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06 Dec 18
First Image Lands For 'Lucifer' Season 4

First Image Lands For ‘Lucifer’ Season 4

It’s been an emotional year for #Lucifans. After Lucifer was dropped by Fox, the show was finally saved by Netflix for a 10-episode 4th Season, which is due to land in 2019. Now the folk over at TVLine have managed to land our first look at the upcoming series, along with some additional story details – WARNING, *SPOILERS AHEAD* if you haven’t finished Season 3…

If you remember the climatic events of the last season, Lucifer (Tom Ellis) had just rescued Chloe (Lauren German) and killed Pierce, aka Cain (Tom Welling), with one of Maze’s (Lesley-Ann Brandt) daggers for murdering Charlotte (Tricia Helfer). Pierce, believing he will finally go to Heaven, says he has “no regrets”, but it horrified when Luci reveals he will be going to Hell to be haunted by Charlotte’s murder for all eternity. This act of anger causes Luci’s long-lost devil face to return… Only to be seen for the first time by Chloe, who is standing behind him.

In the photo above, we see Lucifer with one of Season 4’s new characters, Eve, of the original biblical power couple, Adam & Eve, played by actress Inbar Lavi (‘Prison Break’, ‘The Last Ship’). As the original sinner, she does, of course, have a history with the Devil. Although, this time, it seems it could be Eve turning Luci’s world upside down, rather than the other way around.

“Lucifer is in a very vulnerable moment, emotionally – not that he would ever recognise that – when out of nowhere, Eve turns up,” Ellis commented to TVLine, adding that her appearing out the blue “brings back so much for Lucifer, about the man he used to be – or, the Devil he used to be. She’s never forgotten about him. And she loves him.”

Inbar Lavi’s Eve is not the only new face next season. Graham McTavish (‘Outlander’, ‘Preacher’) takes on the recurring role of Father Kinley. He’s described as a kind, deeply empathetic and revered priest, who is profoundly committed to guarding his flock. That includes doing whatever it takes to keep mankind safe from evil… So I wouldn’t expect the priest and Lucifer to be “best buds” any time soon…

Also joining the Lucifer family, quite literally, is newcomer Vinessa Vidotto, who will play the role of Remiel, the “classic little-sister” to Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside). Whilst she admires her eldest brother, she also feels under-appreciated or overshadowed while struggling to match his towering standards.

Season 4 will be 10 (new) episodes long, although they have said it’s possible the two bonus episodes which aired after the finale might be slotted into the run, if they can make it work with the narrative. The opening episode is titled “Everything’s Okay”, which I’m guessing is a sign that everything very much isn’t. Just to tease a little more, the Lucifer writers tweeted out that the finale is titled “[redacted] King Of Hell?”… Does that mean Luci is heading home, or is he going to lose his crown to someone else?

Netflix hasn’t yet set a premiere date for Lucifer‘ Season 4, but we do know it will land in 2019. We’ll update you when we hear more.