What Happened To Las Vegas, The TV Drama?

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15 Jun 21

What Happened To Las Vegas, The TV Drama?

Some television shows no matter how good the story is tend to just say “goodbye” even if it is still on the cliffhanger side and did not even have a proper closure. One of these TV shows was Las Vegas which was aired on NBC back in 2003 and ended in 2008.

TV series Las Vegas is an American comedy-drama television series written, directed, and produced by Gary Scott Thompson got cancelled on February 15, 2008, after airing five seasons since September 22, 2003.

The show is all about the realities of running a casino resort, focusing on various characters and drama. The focal point of the story revolves around the people behind Montecito, A fictional hotel and casino on the Las Vegas Strip. Each character has to deal with different dramas and various issues that happen in the working environment like the casino and hotel security, restaurant management, and valet parking.

Its pilot episode or the testing episode began in March 2003 and it cost NBC $5 million making it the most expensive pilot in NBC history. Most of the filming of the series occurred at Culver Studios in California, where a set was constructed to represent Montecito. Some filming also occasionally took place in Las Vegas. The Mandalay Bay and Green Valley Ranch, two hotel-casinos in the Las Vegas Valley, were sometimes used to portray Montecito.

The premise of the story started with Ed Deline portrayed by James Caan who used to work as head of security and surveillance but later was promoted president of operations and his job is to run the day-to-day operations of the casino. He is a loving husband and father and a father figure to his employees.

Major casts

Danny McCoy portrayed by Josh Duhamel however is Ed Deline’s apprentice and a good friend who later got promoted to Head of Security for the Montecito. He has an off relationship with his childhood friend named Mary (Nikki Cox) as well as with Delinda Deline (Molly Sims) who happens to be Ed Deline’s daughter. In season five, James Caan had to depart from Las Vegas TV series thus making Danny McCoy to be promoted as Montecito’s head of operations in the story.

NBC in trouble before the final series

Winter’s said that NBC has crossed the line of common sense and decency thus urging NBC to pay the penalty that time.

Now as mentioned, Montecito casino in the TV series Las Vegas has an incident wherein there is robbery. Such suspense can happen in a real-life situation especially if the security is not that strict but since nowadays we are into online betting, we are in a safe zone though there are issues on cybercrimes and of course, online casinos are the main target. The same suspense might also experience the client knowing that the money on their card or any payment system that they may have might be robbed before their very eyes. That scare is of course, on a different level. However, we have trustworthy sites that could be visited like the Finnish site Kasinohai wherein a customer can play in peace.

In 2008 during the last two episodes of Las Vegas, the Parent’s Television Council or the PTC filed a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)  over an image that was shown on the February 15th instalments of the five-year-old drama.

In the opening moments of the first of two episodes, three young women gather together in the centre of the Montecito casino floor and disrobe. They then begin to run around the casino, creating a distraction for some bad guys to start a robbery. As you might expect, this was filmed without showing any objectionable nudity.

The problem here is in the small monitor of the casino security, they were able to see women’s buttocks and only shadows obscure their breasts and groins. PTC President Tim

During the third season, the network saw a decline in the ratings and Las Vegas was only renewed for 17 episodes in its next season, instead of the standard 22. The series was facing cancellation on the fourth season so Thompson, the creator of this TV series told NBC that if they would cancel it, he would write a cliffhanger story that would make the audience at the edge of their seats and thus would make the fans angry at the NBC network. Later in season four, two of the major characters like Caan and Cox had to leave Las Vegas and Caan was replaced by Tom Selleck as Montecito’s new owner as AJ Cooper.

Eventually, it had its abrupt ending which left the fans, as what Thompson said, furious. The last episode ended with a “To be continued” screen.