Best Blackjack Movies Available On Streaming Services

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07 Apr 22

Casinos can be an ideal location for filmmakers to create some masterful scenes. We generally think of tense poker scenes, such as in Casino Royale and Rounders, two very different films that still managed to create compelling moments we loved on the big screen.

Blackjack can also be a useful game for filmmakers. It’s simple for people to understand and yet is capable of producing nerve-wracking and humorous moments. These are movies with great blackjack scenes that are available on streaming services now.

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (Prime Video)

As a mock of the great James Bond movies of the past, there was always likely to be a casino scene involving Austin Powers (Mike Myers). Bond could have made this list as he does play blackjack during Licence To Kill. Yet, not much happens in the scene and the best Bond casino scenes involve baccarat or poker. Austin Powers plays blackjack, but he’s not very good at it. In the scene, we see Number II, played by the legendary Robert Wagner, positioned at a high-stakes table playing blackjack. Powers and Vanessa Kensington (Elizabeth Hurley) arrive and join the game.

They witness Number II being dealt a King and a seven, giving him a reasonable chance of winning. However, Number II is using his hi-tech eyepatch with x-ray vision that enables him to know that if he hits, he’ll be dealt a 4 taking him to 21. As Number II hits, he tells Powers:

“I like to live dangerously.”

Powers appears impressed, but the dealer has dealt him a 2 and a 3. Powers ridiculously makes the decision that he’ll stick on 5 and announces:

“I also like to live dangerously.”

Powers obviously loses and it’s clear to the audience that cards are not his bag, baby.

Swingers (Virgin TV Go)

This movie has a great blackjack scene that will also be remembered for the immortal words:

Always double down on 11.

This 1996 American comedy classic is less about gambling and more about being single and trying to get back into the social swing scene. Although there is that valuable advice, you should probably look elsewhere if you’d actually like to learn how to double down or generally develop a winning blackjack strategy through a comprehensive guide.

Mike (Jon Favreau) is struggling to get over his ex, so in order to help his friend, Trent (Vince Vaughn) arranges an impromptu trip to Las Vegas. The pair aim to look like debonair James Bond types as they approach the blackjack table, only to discover that Mike’s bankroll doesn’t really suit the $100 minimum bet table they have chosen. The pair get into an argument over blackjack strategy, with Trent keen to double down, but Mike reluctant. Mike eventually relents with disastrous consequences and the pair find themselves at the low-stakes tables feeling a little less cocky. This movie makes for interesting watching just seeing Vaughn before he became a dodgeball champion and Favreau in front of the camera before creating The Mandalorian.

The Hangover (Sky/NOW & Virgin TV Go)

This 2009 American comedy film is all about Las Vegas and is still one of the great comedy movies. While there’s a lot going on in the movie, one scene sees Alan (Zach Galifianakis), having read The World’s Greatest Blackjack Book, embark on a mission to take down the house. With help from Stu (Ed Helms) and new love Jade (Heather Graham), Alan is successful and they have the required chips to pay back Chow (Ken Jeong) and be reunited with their missing friend. Being the Hangover, things don’t quite go to plan and the group find themselves in more hilarious high-jinks. While many found the sequels a little disappointing, that doesn’t stop this one from being hilarious and well worth a rewatch.

So, there you have some great movies that feature blackjack and are available to watch now on streaming services Happy watching!