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Top 10 Coolest Tech Gadgets of the Year

by Jason Smith

In 2024, the tech world experienced a fresh flood of devices. The best 10 unique gadgets show usefulness, design and inventiveness that give us glimpses into what’s to come for technology – from wearable stuff to Playstations.

They’re intended for people who have a passion for tech and those in search of convenience. Let’s discover the exceptional technological advancements this year, each displaying outstanding creativity and progress in technology.

Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro is an innovative tool that combines digital content with natural environments. People can manage this device with their eyes, hands or voice to enhance their regular activities.

The Vision Pro can turn any place into a cinema. People can watch movies and shows and play games on this device, which has exciting visuals and Spatial Audio for an even better entertainment experience. You can do anything with it, from watching all your favourite television programs or films to doing work or playing your most beloved games – from RPGs to Mega Reels slots and even FPS games like Call of Duty.

Motorola Bending Phone

Motorola has developed the Adaptive Display concept. This is a bendable phone that offers unique viewing options. Unlike typical folding phones, it bends in the opposite direction and can be used as a smart bracelet for shared viewing or wearing purposes.

The adaptive display, which can be used as a bracelet, provides a playful but challenging encounter. People might like the Rizr concept from last year, which has a roll-up screen to provide more display area.

Motorola also announced Smart Connect. This feature lets you connect your phone to a display and share files without wires. It’s also available on Windows laptops for smoothly moving apps between devices, improving cross-device functioning.

Transparent Laptop

Lenovo showed a fascinating idea: Project Crystal, a laptop you can look through. It’s not something you can buy now, but it gives us an idea of what laptops could be like in the future with its transparent micro-LED screen. Yet, others nearby can also see what’s on the display.

Even though the tablet seems like a gadget from the future, it does have one drawback: no privacy. Lenovo will tackle this by adjusting the screen’s transparency for privacy when required. Also, they didn’t show off this characteristic yet.

Rabbit R1

At CES, AI was the star of the show, and things like Rabbit R1 caught attention. Unlike other products, Rabbit R1 is only for getting into AI. Its nickname is a “pocket companion.” It has a small screen, speaker and microphone with a rotating camera plus a scroll wheel.

Tailored for hands-free interaction, the Rabbit R1 permits you to talk with it and utilise voice orders for reserving hotels, requesting food delivery, or playing music through Spotify. Tasks that are similar can be completed on a smartphone, but the Rabbit R1 provides a different method. Although this might raise doubt about its needfulness, such uncertainty isn’t unusual for CES prototypes.

The Rabbit R1, with its hands-free design and talkative interface, symbolises the constant development of AI technology. The R1 shows a small part of what personal assistance could be like in future times. As CES keeps on exploring new limits, devices such as this one show how much dedication the industry has towards innovation and trying out new things.

Samsung Music Frame

The Music Frame made by Samsung has caught people’s interest, and they want to know more about its functions. This gadget is similar in design to the Samsung Frame TV, where a wireless speaker is cleverly hidden inside wall art, combining usefulness with visual appeal.

It works well with Samsung TVs and soundbars from 2024. The Music Frame claims to provide a cinema experience without prominent speakers or complex installation. Even if you don’t get a new TV, you can still stream music playlists using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Digital artwork rotation isn’t there, but the option to manually switch images gives a nice touch of personalisation to its visual attraction.

3D Printers

In the world of 3D printing, there’s something for everyone. With its growing popularity, finding the right printer can be overwhelming. But fear not! Many printers offer exciting functions and high-quality prints.

The Bambu Lab P1S stands out for its speed, detail and affordability. Whether searching for small-scale projects or tackling big ones, people should choose a printer on the list that caters to their needs. The list includes resin printers for detailed miniatures and large-format printers for cosplay. Each recommendation considers factors like speed, size and cost, making it easier for users to find their perfect match.

Clicks for iPhone

For individuals seeking the tactile sensation of a physical keyboard on their iPhone, the Clicks case emerges as an ideal solution. Featuring a built-in QWERTY keyboard, it facilitates typing with ease and precision. Notably, the virtual keyboard remains concealed until specifically required, maximising screen space for tasks.

Despite slightly increasing the phone’s height, the Clicks case boasts a sleek design and backlit keys, blending functionality with style. Its compatibility with Mac and iPad keyboard shortcuts enhances its versatility. The case is available for the iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max models.

Individuals can now procure the Clicks case to enhance their typing experience. Specific models are slated to commence shipping in February, promising a swift transition to the convenience of a physical keyboard on the iPhone.

Segway Go Kart Pro 2

The Segway Go Kart’s unveiling at CES stole the spotlight, offering attendees an extraordinary departure from the company’s usual products. Initially resembling a sleek, agile Go Kart, its standout feature was its impressive speed of up to 26.7 mph, enabling effortless cornering.

Apple Watch X

The Apple Watch X comes with a better display and functions. Its screen is brighter and more precise, making it easier to use. The design is sleek and stylish, with improved gestures for smoother control. It might also have new health sensors for better tracking.

XGIMI MoGo 2 Pro

The XGIMI MoGo 2 Pro is an exceptional device, boasting superb sound quality and stunning visuals akin to a high-end smart TV. Ideal for enhancing movie nights or serving as an alternative to traditional TV setups, its portability ensures hassle-free relocation.

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