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The Originals Season 3 & The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Trailers!

by Dave Elliott


A new trailer for Season 7 of The Vampire Diaries shows you what to expect in the first post Nina Dobrev season, and it would appear they’ve upped the action quota, with bombs, torture, and the inevitable snarky one-liner… Obviously there’s lots of the Salvatore brothers (Paul Wesley & Ian Somerhalder) and Caroline (Candice King), along with the latest threat to hit Mystic Falls – the Heretics which we saw emerge at the end of last season. It seems the vampire/witch-hybrids are taking over the ‘not so sleepy’ Virginia town, and the rest of the Falls population are struggling to deal with their new potential overlords. It doesn’t help when they’re led by your own mother though… It’s fair to say, the Salvatore gang could possibly do with a serious family meeting…

The Vampire Diaries returns 8th Oct in the US, and if ITV2 stay true to form, should (note, this is not confirmed) return late October in the UK.


Ahh, Klaus. Will you ever learn. It seems not, as in The Originals Season 3 trailer, the immortal walking ego maybe struggling once again with family issues… (so what else is new). Older sister Freya Mikaelson (Riley Voelkel) is still around and is not happy stating “You will all fall.” There is a war brewing ‘between the sire lines’, and thanks to Klaus’s… ahem… charming personality… The Mikaelsons are seemingly not all on the same page, or possibly even reading the same book. It also looks like there maybe some question to that whole immortality thing. “We can’t be killed” states Elijah… only to be told “you’re wrong…”

Returns 8th Oct in the US, and Syfy have been fairly good at sticking close to that in the UK, so hopefully we’ll see the new season mid to late Oct (not confirmed though!)

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