Nashville Season 5 Coming To Sky Living On 28th April

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12 Apr 17

Nashville Season 5 finally has a confirmed UK premiere date. The guys and gals of Music City return to Sky Living On 28th April 2017 at 9pm the channel have announced.

Set against the backdrop of the city’s music scene, Nashville follows Rayna Jaymes (Connie Britton) and Juliette Barnes (Hayden Panettiere), two women who face personal and professional challenges as they navigate their paths as music artists and individuals.

At the close of Season 4, it appeared everyone was getting settled into a new normal. Maddie (Lennon Stella) was back home, Gunnar (Sam Palladio) and Scarlett (Clare Bowen) were back together, Juliette (Panettiere) and Avery (Jonathan Jackson) had reconciled, and all seemed well. Then Juliette got on that fateful plane journey, and everything was once again thrown into uncertainty…

As news of Juliette’s crash reverberates around Nashville, emotions run high. Meanwhile, Highway 65 is struggling financially, and the events set Rayna off on her own journey of discovery.

As we announced a couple of days ago, Nashville has also just been renewed for a 6th season of 16 episodes by it’s US network CMT.

Nashville Season 5 comes to Sky Living On 28th April 2017 at 9pm.