Sky One Releases Trailer For New Karl Pilkington Scripted Comedy ‘Sick Of It’

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05 Jul 18

Most of us know Karl Pilkington for his grumpy travel docu-series, but now he’s back on Sky One in a brand new scripted comedy called Sick Of It, which sees him left with only the voice in his head…

‘Sick of It’ is the first scripted series to be written by Pilkington alongside Richard Yee, his long-time producer and director, and follows his character’s attempts to make sense of the modern world after the loss of his girlfriend.

Now living with his elderly auntie, Karl’s closest companion is Inner Self; the voice in his head who says what he really thinks without the risk of offending others. As Karl attempts to move on from the breakup and sort out his life, the voice in his head appears periodically to guide, criticise and dispense his unorthodox philosophy of life, with some interesting results!

Pilkington first came to prominence as sidekick/producer to Ricky Gervais on his podcast and radio show. This led to Gervais and Stephen Merchant sending him around the world in travel comedy series ‘An Idiot Abroad’, and the documentary series ‘The Moaning of Life’. He then made his first move into acting in Gervais’s comedy series ‘Derek’.

At the moment, Sick Of It is just listed as “coming soon”, so expect it later in 2018. We’ll let you know when we have a firm air date.