Geektown Awards – Best Limited Series

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02 Jan 17
Geektown Awards - Best Limited Series

Geektown Awards – Best Limited Series

Our next category is for Best Limited Series. We define a ‘limited series’ as a show which either is a one-off production, or has a storyline which completely changes from season to season, such as an anthology series. It’s been a brilliant year for this sort of drama, covering things like horror, true crime, sci-fi, and wonderful drama. Here’s how the category broke down, and who you voted for.

Nominees: 11.22.63, American Crime Story (People vs. OJ), American Horror Story, Black Mirror, Childhood’s End, Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life, National Treasure, The Five, The Night Manager, The Secret Agent

Bronze: Black Mirror

Silver: The Night Manager

And The Winner Is…

American Horror Story

Now in it’s 6th Season, with a 7th on the way, American Horror Story not only revitalised mainstream tv horror, but also helped develop the idea of ‘anthology television’. Each season of the show shares some cast members, but other than that it’s new characters in a brand new setting. The latest outing subtitled ‘Roanoke’, took a new approach, presenting itself as a fictional paranormal documentary series titled ‘My Roanoke Nightmare’, which saw ‘actors’ playing couple Shelby and Matt Miller, who experience paranormal activity after moving to a new home.

Season 7 of American Horror Story should arrive in Autumn 2017.