Geektown Awards – Best New & Returning Comedy Series

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02 Jan 17
Best New & Returning Comedy Series

Best New & Returning Comedy Series

Here at Geektown, we like to laugh, and there has been no shortage of brilliant New & Returning Comedy Series to choose from in the last 12 months. Here are the shows that tickled your funny bones last year.

Best New Comedy Series

Nominees: Atlanta, BrainDead, Crazy Ex Girlfriend, Life In Pieces, Upstart Crow, Wasted

Bronze: Atlanta

Silver: Crazy Ex Girlfriend

And The Winner Is…


Comedy is a difficult thing to do, but Wasted hit every comedic note perfectly. Starring Danny Kirrane, Rose Reynolds, Gwyneth Keyworth & Dylan Edwards, the show is set in a small West Country village, it’s described as “a series about the stupid things you get up to when there’s nothing much to do.” Add into that the brilliant Sean Bean as a spirit guide to Kirrane’s Morpheus, and you have comedy gold. By far this is the best comedy to come out of the UK in years. Edgy and laugh out loud funny, we’re still waiting on a series 2 announcement, but E4 would have to be crazy not to pick it up again.

If you missed it when it went out, you can catch up with Wasted on All4 right now.

Best Returning Comedy Series

Nominees: Ballers, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Big Bang Theory, Red Dwarf, Silicon Valley, Modern Family, Veep, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Master of None, Transparent, The Goldbergs, Yonderland

Bronze: Modern Family

Silver: Red Dwarf

And The Winner Is…

Big Bang Theory

Big Bang Theory once again crushes the competition for the Best Returning Comedy Series, as it has every year we’ve run the awards. And by ‘crushes’, we mean it had nearly a 15% lead over the Red Dwarf, the silver place winner. It’s still up in the air as to whether Big Bang will be back for an 11th season. To quote Kaley Cuoco “That’s a very expensive question…” However, there are some plans in the works to expand the brand, by creating a ‘Young Sheldon’ spin-off series, with Jim Parsons behind the camera as a producer.